The Dutch opening night of the Expedition Oman film will be shown at Cinema LantarenVenster in Rotterdam on October 30. Among the invited guests will be the Dutch Ambassador, sponsors and media representatives.
After the successful broadcast on Dutch television last August, the documentary-fim Expedition Oman will now be shown in Dutch cinema's.

In 1763 a large ship, the Amstelveen, part of the fleet of the Dutch East-India Company (VOC), sailed from the Dutch East-Indies (Indonesia) towards Muscat, the capital of Oman and to Kharg in the Persian Gulf. On the 5th of August it sailed near Cape Mataraca, on the South East coast of Oman. In the evening, as the darkness was setting in and hampered by the foggy conditions, the ship came too close to the coast and ran aground. Due to the very high and powerful waves crashing on and breaking over the ship she capsized and broke into pieces and sank. On board were 105 men of which 75 of them drowned.

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