MR&C was invited by the city of Kampen for presentation about Kogge shipwreck.

On January 15, David Bouman gave a presentation for the council and public of the city of Kampen about the recently discovered 15th century Kogge shipwreck. In his presentation David eloborated on his unique concept of conservation and display of the shipwreck. This wreck which is of enormous importance for the city of Kampen.

MR&C developed a plan to exhibit the Kogge in a large aquarium with clear water which is placed in an underwater visitor centre. So, the public can actually admire the wreck in its natural habitat (in water) ánd visitors are in the river IJssel, but with dry feet. A one of a kind experience!

Besides this unique underwater experience, the visitors can enjoy sailing with a replica Kogge which will be moored near the underwater centre. Finally visitors will be able to learn about the shipwreck, the Middle Ages, the trading routes of the Kogge and the importance of the City of Kampen at that time in a multimedia centre on land.

David’s presentation was live broadcasted on the internet:

Impression of the MR&C underwater concept by Marco Roling: