In June 2014 MR&C participated as researcher / diver on the Tróia-1 shipwreck, Portugal. This wreck is located near the mouth of the Sado river, Grândola / Setúbal in Portugal. The remains of this wooden hull date from 1770 to 1850 entered the official historical wreck record.

Main objective of this short campaign (1 week)  was to measure certain wreckparts and investigate some undefined objects which were exposed .Further research is scheduled for November this year.

For underwater impression of the wreck, see the following Youtube video impression >>


The team preparing for a dive on the Troia-1 shipwreck.

Sometimes the visibility underwater is amazing: here we could see parts of the scattered wreck in the context.

One of many unidentified objects of the Troia-1 wreck at the seefloor.
This year also wooden planking of the wreck was discovered under the sand!