This year (like in 2013) David Bouman of MR&C had the pleasure to be invited again to participate in the research & excavation of the late16th century 'Gnalic' shipwreck in Croatia. This project is directed by the University of Zadar, Croatia and Texas A&M University.

New sections of the wreck were discovered and excavated this season. A memorable moment was the discovery of the keel! Especially the exposed wooden barrels with cargo, were the focus of attention this year. An Austrian filmcrew filmed the excavation for two days and a Spanish cameraman joined the team for two weeks. He will produce a 25 minutes documentary about the project.  

For a trailer see the Vimeo video impression >>


For more info on the Gnalic and other ongoing MR&C projects, see the project page on this website >>.

The Gnalic wrecksite, Croatia

Divers at different stages going down to the sea floor at 25 - 30 meters to start excavation research.

Divers working on the shipwreck in the archaeology grid.



A diver cleaning a barrel in the Gnalic shipwreck. The barrels contain cargo like led ingots and glass.