The Centre for Global Heritage and Development (see: is one of the partners in the 'Hollandse Kerkhof-project'. This project is a quest to find and research archaeological remains of the sailors who deceased during the first Dutch shipping to the East in the late 16th century. Many reports have been written about the explorations, but no tangible evidence has been found so far. The University of Leiden has also become an important partner of the project, especially the Osteo-archaeologial laboratory led by prof. Menno Hoogland, specialized in the reseacha and analysis of human remains from an archaeological context.

The project team is currently inviting sponsors to help realize the survey with their financial support.

Project partners:

• Centre for Global Heritage and Development
• University of Antananarivo, Department of Archaeology, Madagascar
• University of Leiden, Osteoarchaeological laboratory
• Maritime Research & Consultancy (MR&C)
• Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency
• Maritime Museum Amsterdam

For more information and funding, please contact David Bouman