20150301As a Research Associate and Project Director with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Chris Cartellone PhD, has been documentating an 18th-century British warship HMS Solebay (1763-1782) lost in Nevis, West Indies.

During a fierce engagement with the French, Solebay acted as a repeating vessel toward the rear, meaning she was responsible for passing signals to the rest of the fleet. As the Royal Navy pressed forward, Solebay ran aground off Nevis. French vessels quickly seized the opportunity to fire upon the stranded vessel.
Under enemy bombardment, and with little hope for help, Captain Charles Holmes Everett set fire to her and moved his crew ashore.
20150302After an hour, and with 160 barrels of gunpowder, Solebay blew up. 

This is the first wreck documented as part of a multiyear research endeavor to investigate shipwrecks off the coast of Nevis (see map of Nevis as shown here). Maritime Archaologists have been recording the anchor in 2014.

MR&C has been asked to join this project in 2016. Initial talks about project planning and funding have started.