Jacob Roggeveen (1659 – 1729) was a Dutch explorer in the service of the Dutch West India Company.
Roggeveen and his three ships were at the Brazilian coast in november 1721. At fist they reached Ilha dos Porcos and after that they anchored between the small island São Sebastiano and the coast.

They made contact with the inhabitants and Roggeveen send a small boat to the coast with a letter for the governor, asking for meat, fresh water and wood. After some deliberations they got what they wanted in exchange for some European goods.

The Portuguese told them that they were hesitant while four months earlier (so in july 1721) French pirates had landed here and had plundered the coast. This French pirate vessel was attacked and sank near São Sebastiano. In his logbook, Roggeveen mentions this event.


The itinerary of the voyage of Roggeveen with the island Sao Sebastiano marked in the red circle.