20150601The Dutch Cultural Heritage (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE)) has assigned a researchproject to MR&C. The project involves desk research, a qualititative research and evalution among amateur archaeology divers and sportdivers in the Netherlands. The aim of this researchproject is to highlight the needs and wants of this group of enthusiastic divers.The RCE wants to better understand their wishes concerning diving on (historical) shipwrecks, their opinion on and knowledge of the Cultural Heritage legislation.

Also, their knowledge of the RCE organization and how the divers would like to start, continue and/or improve collaboration with the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency. On November 13 the RCE organizes a Symposium for these amateur archaology and sports divers. The results of the research will be presented and the RCE will discuss with the divers about the subjects mentioned above. One of the main goals of the RCE is to find (new) ways of better communicating and collaborating with the amateur- and sportsdivers groups.

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