20150701Deltas are the most vulnerable places in the world. More than half of the world’s population live in deltas. Fertile land, fishing activities and trade are tradionally the most importtant reasons for the high density of human setlements in delta areas. Due to the density of early civilizations in dlta areas, these places have a hight density of cultutal heritage sites that makes the relationship between water and heriage clear for the world’s urbanizing deltas.
Dredging activities, land-reclaim project, large-scale harbour, breakwater and coastal projects are necessary measures to protect and improve the life of millions who live in delta areas.

Integrated studies on the environmental, social and economic impact of such measures, often seem to lack a profound study on the impact on Cultural Heritage. This calls for expertise and experience in this field. That’s where the joint venture between ADC and MR&C comes in. As part of the already necessary integrated impact study, we join in with our team of experts in the field of maritime archaeology, Cultural Heritage research, local and international Cultural Heritage rules and laws (who is responsible?). Our approach makes sure that you know where the cultural heritage sensitive areas in your project are and how to manage this in an excellent and profitable way.

(Illustration: The distribution and growth of the population in the Nile Delta and the norther part of the Nile Valley)