In the coming decennia, the impact of climate change threatens low-lying delta cities and areas. Historically established as trade centers at river mouths, delta cities could experience severe flooding as a result of rising sea levels, heavy rainfall and land subsidence. The origin of delta cities creates different problems and, more important, different opportunities. Heritage can inspire planners in defining protection strategies. Heritage can also be a driver for delta protection because of its economic value, for example due to the UNESCO world heritage status. The physical position of heritage in urbanizing deltas can also change because of new measures that need to be taken to protect a city or an area against the effects of climate change. A new position for heritage in the urbanized delta context could be created. An integrated approach is necessary as climate change has consequences for heritage, the economy, infrastructure, as well as social and living conditions.


The joint venture between MR&C en ADC Archeoprojecten (see news item under July 2015) is developing succesfully. The past few months we have been discussing our Delta Heritage & Archaeology proposition with several leading consultancy and engineering companies, dredging companies and independant institutes for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. The underwrite the importance, benefit and advantages of our method and proposition.
Integrated studies on the environmental, social and economic impact of such measures, often seem to lack a profound study on the impact on Cultural Heritage.

This calls for expertise and experience in this field. That’s where the joint venture between ADC and MR&C comes in. As part of the already necessary integrated impact study, we join in with our team of experts in the field of maritime archaeology, Cultural Heritage research, local and international Cultural Heritage rules and laws (who is responsible?). Our approach makes sure that you know where the cultural heritage sensitive areas in your project are and how to manage this in an excellent and profitable way.

The new website for Delta Heritage & Archaeology will soon be on-line!