This week we received the assignment from Consultany and Engineerning firm Witteveen+Bos for a Desk Based Assessment (DBA) for the Port of Cotonou project in Benin, West-Africa.

The consortium Witteveen+Bos (W+B) & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) is preparing the associated investment and financing plan, a port organisation plan and a plan for the implementation of short-term measures. The master plan has been commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Benin.

Benin nov2016

Figure 1. Research area, Port of Cotonou. Source: W+B.

The possible dredging and land reclamation represents a direct impact on the seabed in the designated port area, which itself poses a credible threat to and/or destruction of the underwater Cultural Heritage present in the area. The same goes for the various construction work, such as the building of breakwaters that will be carried out during the renovation of the port.

Commissioned by Witteveen+Bos Delta Heritage & Archaeology has carried out a feasibility study on the presence, availability and accessibility of resources for a Desk Based Assessment for the Maritime Cultural Heritage in the period February to March 2016 (phase 1). The results of this study were positive.

The next step (phase 2) is the actual execution of the Desk Based Assessment (DBA) for the Maritime Cultural Heritage in and around the port of Cotonou. This week W+B has assigned MR&C / Delta Heritage & Archaeology for the realization of this DBA. We are are all very pleased and proud with this assignment!

Delta Heritage & Archaeology is a joint venture between two Dutch companies: Maritime Research & Consultancy (MR&C) and ADC-Archeoprojecten (ADC).