In 1763 the large Dutch VOC-ship Amstelveen sailed from Batavia to Kharg in the Persian Golf. Unfortunately the ship wrecked on the Omani coast in foggy conditions near Ras Madrakah. Of the crew of 105, only 30 survived. These 30 castaways walked 500 km through the dessert to reach the harbour of Ras Al Hadd. The shipwreck and the exhausting trek through the dessert was recorded in a logbook written by Cornelis Eyks, the only naval officer who survived the disaster. His logbook has been found some years ago in an antiqueshop in the South of France.

Important part of Expedition Oman is the search for the VOC-shipwreck Amstelveen. This is joint operation between Oman and The Netherlands, in close cooperation with the Oman Ministry of Heritage & Culture. Using Sidescan Sonar, Magnetometer equipment and a team of Dutch and Omani archaeologists and divers, this search started November 2012. 

In 2012 and 2013 MR&C organised the survey- and diving operation, managed the logistical process, performed fundraising, research, diving and projectmanagement.

The story of about the Amstelveen and the epic journey of the shipwreck survivors provides fascinating footage for a 52 minutes documentary-film called "Expedition Oman" which was aired at the Omani-Netherlands Conference in Muscat in April 2013.