Many great maritime archaeological projects with exiting potential fail due to lack of adequate funding or money.

Our diverse and unique (corporate) background gives us the ability to analyse opportunities and present them to the right people and companies. With our professional approach we are able to acquire the necessary funding for your project.

Fundraising can involve several aspects:

  • Financial sponsoring (money)
  • In kind sponsoring (goods and services)
  • Free publicity (TV, newspapers, radio)

For the 2012 and 2013 VOC-shipwreck project in Oman, MR&C successfully accomplished  the funding for the archival research, geophysical survey and the diving expedition.  Companies like Damen Shipyard, Royal Haskoning, OceAnco, Thales Group and MB Corporation contributed both financially and in kind to this  project. A fascinating project indeed: the search for the VOC-wreck Amstelveen, lost in 1763 on the Oman coast.

In 2012 we worked for the National Archaeological & Anthropological Memory Management (NAAM) on Curaçao. We were able to get 14 local companies to participle financially in this for Curaçao important maritime cultural heritage project.

These are just two examples of very successful fundraising / sponsoring initiatives that MR&C accomplished  in order to financially realize a maritime archaeological project.